- B-series comes with 3 Years Local Onsite Warranty + 3 Years Battery Warranty + 3 Years International Carry-in Warranty
- K6500 comes with 3 Years Local Onsite Warranty + 1 Year Battery Warranty + 3 Years International Carry-in Warranty

- Inclusive of parts & labour

Exclusion to the Warranty
However, this warranty does not apply to the following:
a) Defects caused by the operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user's manual.
b) Malfunctions caused by misuse or abuse, improper installation, operation or maintenance, improper connections or peripherals, use of non-Asus spare parts, service modifications or repair performed by a person not authorized by Asus, or other conditions not arising from defects in Product material or workmanship. All machines should only be serviced by Asus Authorised Service Provider, AsiaPac Technology Pte. Ltd.
Eg. 3rd party brand of battery, AC-Adapter, RAMs etc.
c) Malfunctions or failure caused by accidental or intentional damage.
Eg. Water spill, knocks, dropped etc.
d) Defects resulting from normal wear and tear.
Eg. Battery and AC Adapter (Depends on usage pattern.)
e) All media such as diskettes, CD-ROM and other consumables supplied with Asus Products.
f) Non Asus parts, associated equipment and third party peripherals, memory expansion cards, PC cards or accessories.
g) It is natural for all thin-film transistors (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD) to show a small number of missing or discoloured dots. These are commonly known as non-conforming pixels. This is a technology limitation of TFT LCD and does not represent a defect. ASUS warranty does not cover limitations in technology such as non-conforming pixels. The acceptable number of such non-conforming pixels on the LCD screen of all Asus Laptops and Devices is 7.
h) Cracked and scratched LCD screen due to mishandling or negligence by the user.
Eg. Dropped or knocks etc
i) Preventive maintenance such as conditioning hard disk, data recovery, virus check, hardware diagnostics test and cleaning.
j) Equipment that has been abused, damaged, open for the purpose other than installing user-installable upgrades or otherwise tampered with in a way, which affects its normal functions.